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Horizons - 2015 to 2016


Looking back

When reviewing my work and learning habits I conclude that my learning was not the most efficient or engaged. I hope to ameliorate that this year. I transitioned from a Test role back to full stack development after a hiatus of 18 months.


Looking back at 2015 there are a bunch of books I’ve enjoyed that influenced my work habits; I have to admit some were not for me and did not get cover to cover treatment…

Team and soft skills

Team, process and soft-skills books that influenced me in 2015

Of these, the following two were gold and I thoroughly recommend them:


Refactoring my learning

Software I started using

  • MindMup, the free, open source mind map tool built on HTML 5 by Gojko Adzic.
  • NodeJs
  • MySQL
  • ReactJs, Flux, Alt
  • Jekyll
  • GitHub’s Atom editor has become my favourite.

Practises that I grocked

  • Lean Engineering
  • TDD

Looking forward into 2016

I have a bunch of avenues for study this year…

Learning in 2016

Books on my 2016 shortlist