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Jekyll setup on Windows 10


This post covers my experience establishing a local environment for building and compiling a GitHub-Pages compatible Jekyll site on Windows 10 (64).

A troublesome task?

It’s been said around that setting up a local development environment of Jekyll on Windows is quite troublesome; my experience was not so bad…

The reasoning behind the steps I outline below is well documented on the interwebs and the Jeykyll site with its Jekyll on Windows page is a good place to start.

My steps

This was mostly a CLI experience with Chocolately with the exception of the Ruby DevKit install.

1. Install Ruby

$ cinst ruby -y

2. Install Ruby DevKit

The Choco package failed so I downloaded the DevKit from the page. The instructions on the Windows setup guide helped out.

Navigate to the DevKit folder

$ cd c:\tools\ruby-devkit-directory

Init the DevKit:

$ ruby dk.rb init

Now modify the DevKit config.yml in a text editor by defining the path to your installed Ruby.

Then you can install the devkit

  $ ruby dk.rb install

3. Install Jekyll with github-pages compatible gems

Here’s the current dependency list of github-pages compatible Ruby gems.

  $ gem install github-pages

This installs lots of gems so takes a while…but produced the following satisfying output

49 gems installed

Optional steps for syntax highlighting with Pygments

4. Install Python

$ cinst python2

and verify install with by querying the version:

$ python -v

5. Install Pygments via EasyInstall

Guided by Yi Zeng - thanks.

$ PowerShell$ (Invoke-WebRequest | python -

and verify EasyInstall by querying the version:

$ easy_install --version

now simply install Pygments:

$ easy_install Pygments

Test the Jekyll installation

$ jekyll new blog
$ cd blog
$ jekyll serve
$ start chrome "http://localhost:4000"

Starting from a theme

$ jekyll new my-blog-name
$ cd my-blog-name
# Copy zip contents to my-blog-name then...
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle update
$ bundle build
$ jekyll build

TroubleShooting Jekyll Build

At this point in my initial setup I got an error on my first build:

After which I could

$ jekyll serve