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Wrist friendly git push over https with two-factor on

Although this is documented on the interwebs, the following works as a prompt for me;

Be guided by stack-overflow on this.

  1. Generate a new personal access token on GitHub.
  2. Ensure git credential-helper is set to wincred as follows:

$ git config -l

Output when git credential-helper is set to wincred

Not set? then set it with:

$ git config credential-helper=wincred

Getting your token into the credential store

The first time you push via https after setting to wincred make sure you do so in bash. Whereupon you should be prompted for creds -

  • Enter your new access token as the password.

How do I know it worked?

  • Subsequent pushes should not ask for creds.
  • Check the windows credential store and you will now see your creds have been automatically saved for you.